Rhonda Denet & The Bad Cats

Rhonda Denét & The Bad Cats


Chuck Batton_drumsYes, he’s a New Yorker, well by way of Pittsburgh anyway. Chuck started playing at age 4 and displays an energetic versatility born of his seasoned experience. His gospel background is extensive and most definitely contributes to his unrelentingly steady foot.

He’s performed at venues throughout the New York City area including B.B. Kings, The Lion’s Den, Joe’s Pub, The Bitter End, Knitting Factory, Downtime, and Westchester’s top-rated 12 Grapes. Some highlights from his career include working with the Off-Broadway company of Theater for the New City and an international residence in Istanbul, Turkey with singer Charlotte.

Affectionately known as “The Hitmasta”, he has the unique ability to flow in and out of ones consciousness without ever once missing a beat or overstepping volume boundaries! He is truly a man in possession of a great deal of soul!


DAVE McDOWELL  – Tenor/Soprano Sax, Flute

David McDowell on saxDave began playing sax and flute in the early 60’s while in high school.  His love was for jazz but as time went on he found himself playing more “pop” music. This led to playing and touring throughout the US with several different “Top 40/Show” bands for some 20 years (including two years in the 7th Army Band while stationed in Germany in the mid-60s).

In 1983 he got married, got a corporate job, started a family and left music behind. Although he continued to practice diligently in the basement, he did not play publicly again until 2007 when he joined a couple of Blues/R&B bands.  In 2009 he met Rhonda Denet and began to play with her band.

“Rhonda has given me the opportunity to freely play music as I envision it: equal parts jazz, pop, soul, R&B all in a tasty mix.  Rhonda’s blend of happy, upbeat and inspirational music could not be any nicer.  There is nothing better than to play what you feel and have a good time while you do it.”



Brooklyn native Gene Torres picked up the bass at 15 years old and hasn’t put it down since. He started out playing R&B then moved on to funk. His professional career began with a 5-year stint as a member of Paranoid, one of Brooklyn’s top rated bands.

After leaving, Gene decided to broaden his musical landscape by exposing himself to various styles. He did that by freelancing with seasoned music professionals and receiving formal training with several private teachers. He finally settled with Paul Caputo, with whom he still studies today. Gene’s first major label recording was with James Mason on the Rhythm of Life album (1977). The recording is celebrated as a work that sparked a music revolution in England, which has become known worldwide as Acid Jazz. The album remains in the top 100 in England and is a collector’s item.

Throughout his career, he has had the pleasure of playing and/or recording with an impressive list of artists across the gamut of music styles.



Photo of Michael Bardash
© Monica Simoes

Mike Bardash started playing the piano at the age of 5 and he hasn’t stop since.  He’s 54 now, so you can see he’s been playing a long time (you do the math!). He has heavy influence from his classical training, though he was influenced quite early on by a wide range of jazz and pop artists.  He came to New York in 1987 and has been performing there both with his own ensembles and as a supporting member of other musicians’ bands.

His primary genre is often described as jazz, though he plays a wide variety of music ranging from rhythm and blues to baroque.  He is currently playing with several contemporary jazz and R&B groups, while working on his own new project.  He has been collaborating with Rhonda Denet for about 4 years, as a member of her “Bad Cats.”



BLISS & THE ECLECTIC SOUL is a concert featuring Rhonda’s original music performed by Rhonda Denet and The Bad Cats. The first performance was recorded on Friday, November 30, 2012 in New York City on the campus of Lincoln Center. The band was expanded to include 4 back up vocalists for an interpretation of Rhonda’s music that had yet to be heard. The evening was absolute magic and the energy in the space was electric! This evening was captured and is now available on CD and DVD. Order your copy below.

MUSICIANS: Dave McDowell (flute/saxes), Daniel Muniz (guitar), Michael Bardash (keys), Derek Scott Buchanan (bass), and Chuck Batton (drums)

VOCALISTS: PeLar’ Bennett-Pryor, Keith Anthony Fluitt, SheVon Jacob-Loftin, and J. Phoenix

Choose your experience below by ordering a CD, DVD or Combo pack.

Bliss & The Eclectic Soul CD — $16.50

Bliss & The Eclectic Soul DVD — $21.50

Bliss & The Eclectic Soul CD/DVD Combo — $32.50



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