What is “SOUL GOOD” Music?

What is “SOUL GOOD” Music?

by Rhonda Denét


*soul good mu•sic(‘sōl ‘gůď ‘mü-zik) noun*


  1. Unique arrangements of jazz, soul, rhythm and blues.  2. Powerful

vocals so captivating and smooth. 3. Effortlessly floating over in the

pocket grooves.  4. Creating an experience that makes your mind, body and soul move.


It is my hope that when one is invited to Experience “Soul Good” Music she/he is able to leave behind all concerns that burden the soul. Just for the moment, allowing themselves to completely surrender to the bliss found in the music. I have no doubt in my mind what I was put on this earth to do, at this specific time and space.

I am an Empath and a conduit for bliss. God breathed my expression of the soul through music…and I hope that through my celebration of that gift people experience a healing of some sort. Whether it be forgetting they have that chronic knee pain and jumping up during a song to dance like no one is watching…or an individual with Alzheimer’s is suddenly lucid and singing along to every word of her/his favorite tune.

During my performances I want for people to set aside everything that separates us and reconnect with all that unites us. When I’m performing there is often a cross section of the population. I have no idea if there are people sitting right next to each other that have adversarial views with regards to religion, politics, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other societal -ism. I don’t want that to matter. Lay down that conflict and simply sway, tap for foot, snap your fingers, and most important feel the music hit you at your core. Let it ignite that space that simply says, AHH, YES! Right here, right now I’m going to be right here, right now.



Studio Album, Released January 2017
Songs: L-O-V-E / My World, My Dream, My Song / Perfectly Human / Unconditional Love / Soulgasmic / Here I Am


Studio Album, Released September 2010
Songs: Another Day / Butterflies / Destiny / Ooh Yeah


Live Album, Recorded November 2012 in New York City. CLICK HERE to order CD and/or DVD.

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